Color Alchemy 21
Improving your mood with color

If you want to...

     * bring balance to your life

     * feel more centered

     * sleep better

     * move calmly through your day

     * make affirmations work for you

     * learn about color and how it affects your mood and well being 

     * bring all this together in one process to feel balanced, centered, creative and flowing with life and abundance.  

...then you have found the right page!!!

Do you:

     * have daily affirmations that really resonate with your values and desires?
     * have feelings or situations you want to leave behind?
     * want to create the future instead of living in the past?

     * struggle to relax or notice that you are tense during everyday activities?


We will work together with a 3 Step Plan to align your thoughts and feelings with intention.  Intention and attention bring about well being






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